Brian Harper shares his experiences reinvigorating his prayer life by praying with Scripture and choosing a new place

'A Welcome Jerusalem'

Today at Busted Halo, we’re doing a bit of Throwback Thursday and we’re posting another installment of ‘A Spiritual Side of Cinema.’ This time, Louis Sullivan writes how World War Z relates to the image of the ‘New Jerusalem’ found throughout Scripture.

Don’t throw out the tree just yet!  Hear the Busted HaloCast Crew explain why Christmas is not yet over. 

From the Busted Halo Question Box:

Can the Pope’s interpretation of scripture be wrong?

From the Busted Halo Question Box:

Why are there no modern books that the church considers to be good enough to be scripture?

Who is Lady Wisdom of the Old Testament (i.e.: Proverbs 9:1-12)?  Someone asks Busted Halo if she really is Mary. 

Must I know Χριστός to truly understand Christ?  Ann Naffziger answers the question. #QuestionBox

The Problem of Evil

Sr. Bernadette Reis takes a look at the problem of evil — addressing our deep questions about where and how God is present in our lives during the darkest of times.